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Our mission

We are in ace medica hospital for those looking to change their lives and treat their simple problems that affect their lives to restore with us the magic of your smile and your bright appearance that used to exist before.

For the sparkle of your appearance and your smile, a team of doctors welcomes you in the treatment room, which has been specially designed to give you a comfortable feeling at the first sight in which you set foot in our hospital, and when you leave yourself assured of the most effective doctors to take care of your teeth, and take care of the magic of your smile, in ways More kindness and kinder treatment, your sweetheart will discover a world of beauty, surrounded by imaginative decorations, when you forget your fears, and know that we are here to entertain you

In “Ace Medica” hospital, we are not only a center for dental treatment, hair transplantation and cosmetology, but we also have our highly qualified and experienced doctors who hold doctorate degrees; for your convenience; And to offer their long experience in the field of dentistry, here in the heart of the city of “Istanbul”

Our goal

We at “Ace Medica” Hospital have our ambition to reach the highest quality levels in hair transplantation, cosmetics and dentistry, and we also aim to obtain the most prestigious international certificates and accreditations; To become the best hospital providing hair transplant, cosmetic and dental services in Turkey, and we are looking forward to opening ten similar branches within two years; In order for our world-class services to reach patients in most countries of the world, as well as our Turkish patients, human comfort…we have cosmetic services!!