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Istanbul is the ideal city in Turkey for a hair transplant procedure. All three hair transplant techniques are available in Istanbul. Some clinics and places may not have all the technology, but there are options for finding an Ace Medica Hospital. Therefore, people can find an ideal clinic for themselves. Hair transplantation is really a useful surgery for hair loss. Not only hair loss but people with scalp injuries as well.

Human hair tends to get weaker and thinner as people age and some people may feel insecure about their thinning hair. There are a lot of factors that affect hair badly. Some people may have thinning hair or bald spots due to their genes while some people may not. Bad foods and drinks, drug problems, and smoking are some of the most common causes of hair loss. Stress is also another factor that affects hair badly. However, with the help of Ice Medica Hair Transplant Hospital in Turkey, it is very easy to get the desired hair. Hair transplantation is a real gift for those who need it.

The process of hair transplantation varies with different hair transplant techniques. After finding the clinic and the surgeon

There are 3 techniques for hair transplantation used in some clinics in Turkey, namely (FUE) (DHI) (SAPPHIRE)

Hair transplantation is a process that aims to transfer healthy hair follicles from the donor area to another place in the body that suffers from baldness or hair loss, and today, millions of people who want to restore their hair undergo this process.

The goals of people who want to undergo hair transplantation vary, some want to transplant hair to look younger, while others are looking for a more attractive look, and whatever the reason, hair transplantation is the most appropriate solution to treat baldness and hair loss problems.

Therefore, if you can’t stop thinking about the balding areas on your head, having a hair transplant in Turkey is probably one of your best options to solve this problem, and after a few months of hair transplantation, you will feel a big difference, and you will be assured of your new look.

And if you are curious to know more about hair transplantation in Turkey, and whether you are a suitable candidate for such a procedure, do not hesitate to contact our team via the website, we offer you a free medical consultation

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