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What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontics is the specialty of dentists trained in this field who diagnose and control the relationship between crowding and misalignment of dental structures, trying to prevent or correct this situation. This treatment aims to eliminate dental problems by examining the patient’s mouth, teeth and head structure in order to correct abnormalities that do not fit the normal working structure.

Why do orthodontic problems occur?

Positioning the patient’s lower jaw forward or backward, skeletal disorders or misalignment in the patient’s jaw structure are just a few of the orthodontic problems. When we look at the factors that create these problems; Many factors can be accounted for, such as delaying feeding and pacifier habits, finger sucking, and nail eating. At the same time, early primary teeth or late deciduous tooth loss also cause orthodontic problems.

Why is orthodontic treatment necessary?

In disorders such as anterior or posterior lower chin, the patient’s age is first examined and then the treatment method is determined. If the patient’s bone structure has not yet stabilized, i.e. in adolescence, the chin can be treated with orthodontic techniques. However, if the patient is an adult, chin treatment is performed in collaboration with orthodontic and surgical areas.

The treatment should be applied as soon as possible in cases of faulty habits such as feeding bottle and pacifier, nail biting or thumb sucking. Because it is very important to prevent such bad habits as soon as possible in terms of proper completion of skeletal growth.

Although the wrong position of the teeth, their misalignment and confusion may result from the above reasons, it is necessary to remember the genetic aspect. Since every gene is inherited from parents to their children, dental disorders are also inherited.

Due to many of the reasons we have mentioned, orthodontic treatments are applied today to create a beautiful smile, an aesthetic anatomical appearance, as well as a healthy dental structure.

What are the methods of orthodontic treatment?

When it comes to orthodontics in orthodontic treatments, the first thing that comes to patients’ minds is orthodontic prices. However, the first thing to consider should be the patient’s current illness and the treatment method that will be applied to the patient. Today there are 4 types of treatment methods that can vary according to the expectations of patients. The wires that will be used during the treatment are shaped by many factors.

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